Armenian War Prisoners in Azerbaijan


  1. According to statements by Azerbaijani and de facto Armenian authorities, there are currently 38 Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan. However, through the efforts of the representative of the Republic of Armenia Siranush Sahakyan and his team on the issue of prisoners, the ECHR found evidence of the fact of the capture of another 80 people.
  2. The number of returned prisoners is 151 people.
  3. Criminal proceedings were initiated against 37 out of 38.
  4. 3 out of 38 confirmed are civilians.
  5. The persecution of prisoners is massive and is based on a policy of hatred towards Armenians. All prisoners, regardless of age and gender, were tortured indiscriminately.
  6. High-ranking military personnel and elderly prisoners were treated particularly harshly. The latter, according to the assumptions of the Azerbaijani side, were supposed to participate in 2 previous wars.
  7. The de facto authorities of the Republic of Armenia turned the issue of prisoners into a topic of political trading, exchanging them cards, even in front of Azerbaijani saboteurs.
  8. For the de facto authorities, the issue of prisoners is nothing more than an instrument of domestic political speculation and personal glory.
  9. To solve the problem of prisoners, it is important to have a political solution, in which case the direct involvement of the de facto prime minister is necessary.
  10. In case of ineffectiveness of political tools, it is necessary to turn to the legal tools, which are currently being handled by Armenian human rights activists.
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