About Us

Welcome to the Armenian Research Institute

Our Story

Founded as an independent think tank by the distinguished “Armenian Project” scientific educational NGO, the Armenian Research Instituteis your gateway to insightful analysis and intellectual exploration.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies the formulation of a dynamic analytical agenda centered around Armenia’s development and its influence on the world stage.

Our Objectives

  • Research Excellence: We dive deep into the currents of world politics and the ever-evolving dynamics of the South Caucasus, delivering research that informs and enlightens.
  • Expert Dialogues: We engage in expert-level bilateral dialogues, fostering a space where brilliant minds convene to uncover insights and share knowledge.
  • Prescient Analysis: Our commitment extends to offering analytical forecasts that shed light on the unfolding global and regional landscapes, empowering decision-makers with valuable foresight.
  • Intellectual Growth: We passionately nurture Armenia’s intellectual capital in the field of social sciences, nurturing the next generation of scholars and thinkers.

Our Activities

  • Analytical Articles: Explore our repository of analytical and scientific articles covering current topics in world politics, providing valuable insights and knowledge.
  • Reports: Dive into our comprehensive reports that address fundamental issues and prevailing trends in international relations, serving as reference points for policymakers and scholars.
  • Global Partnerships: We collaborate with international think tanks, bringing diverse perspectives to the table and fostering a global dialogue on regional issues.
  • Events: Join us in our scientific and analytical events, where experts from Armenia, Artsakh, and beyond converge to discuss critical subjects and share wisdom.
  • Briefings: Our insights inform decision-making processes, as we provide exclusive briefings to centers shaping Armenia’s destiny, both at home and abroad.

The Armenian Research Institute is your compass in the world of analysis and understanding, dedicated to enlightening minds and charting the course of Armenia’s place in the world.